Message from the President

“Youthful” Shigakkan University

    Chairperson and President
    Kuniko Tanioka, Ph.D.

Throughout the over 100-year history of our university, we have fostered a unique academic culture in which the students are bright and cheerful, and develop a challenging spirit.
In the years to come, by firmly inheriting this "Chujyo-ism" (taken from University's previous name: Chukyo Women's University), we will uphold our educational philosophy, which is “Capacity Building for Global Citizenship”, and continue our efforts to hoist our students on our shoulders, for the good of all young people, both male and female.
Once students are able to digest their knowledge and use it at will, this knowledge becomes their intellect. There are many things in society for which clear-cut judgements cannot be made. When students are faced with such circumstances, they will need their own measuring rod. That’s what intellect is. It is also what we believe to be human ability.
There is no such a thing as “a bad student.” They’re just “not there yet.” Our educational aim is to raise more students to become both physically and mentally healthy with independent ideas, full of a zest for life, with energy to take action, a sense of fellowship, and a never-give-up, challenging yourself.
We will continue to tackle challenges by aiming to develop a vibrant university where students play a leading role, both in name and in reality. This way, the students are able to design their own university, because it belongs to them. This is what we call, Youthful Shigakkan University.