Mission and Policy

We aim to raise the 5 human abilities in students and maintain an
educational system in which the students play a leading role.

  • Educational Philosophy Cultivating the Human Ability

The 5 human abilities

  • 1
    It is the ability that is to manage and maintain one’s own health both mentally and physically in every behavior, also intended to improve both the mental and physical health.
  • 2
    Intellectual Insight
    It is the ability that is to have comprehensive discernment to ascertain essence of things unerringly, dynamically, constitutively, and deeply with broad vision, and for fostering the human perceptive, also intended to prepare the logical intellectual persuasion and energized leadership.
  • 3
    Social Ability
    It is the ability that is to contribute to better society, also improve, renovate, and participate in it with positive attitude. Additionally, it defines as the skill of effective communication and directorship as responsible individual.
  • 4
    Self Development
    It is the ability that is to cultivate one’s character as a member of the society, and make efforts to aim for a better society with ambition, challenges, and positiveness.
  • 5
    Effective Citizenship
    It is the ability that is to associate oneself with other people, and understand situations, and take actions independently. Also, to get interested in various issues as which were one’s own matters and have active perspective and leverage.

Educational Policy of Shigakkan University and Junior College

Each faculty, department, and advanced course has established individual educational objectives and is working to cultivate human ability.

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